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Like It Is Magazine, March 2006

  Volume 1, Number 2                                                                                       March 2006

Like It Is Magazine



Customer Service: The  Myth vs. The Reality

Rediscovering     American  Character




Publisher Sam Jacobsen

Editor Peter S. Felknor


8401 Greenway Blvd.

Suite 100

Middleton, WI 53562

(608) 664-0235













service representative exactly what happens, such as what rattles or whether you hear a noise accompanying the problem. If it's from one side of the vehicle, refer to the driver or passenger side, not left or right.

BE CLEAR: Don't use technical language unless you're sure what it means.

DOCUMENT: If your vehicle recently has been serviced, bring copies of the latest repair orders.

CHECK THE PAPERWORK: Before you authorize any work, look over your new repair order. If the order is vague, ask that it be clarified. Take the mechanic or service representative for a test drive so they can observe the problem you've just described.

CHECK IT OUT: Take a test drive when you pick up your car so you can bring it back immediately if the problem persists.

REVIEW YOUR BILL: Don't hesitate to ask about anything you don't understand.



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